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Chairman's Message

With months of organisation behind us, the St. Lawrence Fair is finally here!

This year the committee have pulled out all the stops to put on another fabulous fair. We have lots of new and exiting events as well as many old favourites, so make sure that you enter into the Fair spirit and join in.

With the theme 'Let's Dance', the Procession and Arena events are definitely not to be missed and include: a Samba Band; African dancing; 'Brighton Jive'; Medieval Music and local children's dance displays.

Once again, many local traders and businesses have supported the Fair, for which we are extremely grateful. The window displays always help us get us villagers in a festive frame of mind.

This year has been a difficult one for the Harris Brothers with the loss of their original 'golden Gallopers'. A big thank you to them for continuing to bring the fairground to the village; a tradition that is always enjoyed by everyone!

We are donating this year's proceeds to a scheme for providing the village with a defibrillator and training volunteers how to use it in an emergency. I'm sure everyone will consider this a very worthwhile cause.

Last, but definitely not least, thank you to all Hurstpierpoint residents and members of the public who pay a part in making the fair a success. fair Day is a wonderful opportunity to come together and meet up with friends and family and there is always a great sense of community so.....

Have a fantastic day

Lorna Cadwallader - St Lawrence Fair Committee

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