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Cuckoo In The Nest

Children's Programme of Events


St. Lawrence Fair is here once more
So let's see what you're facing
Competitions and shows galore
With our theme of 'Carry on Racing!'

There's Cuckoos in the nests again
In many shapes and sizes
So whether it's sun, wind or rain
Keep looking, there are three cash prizes!

If your Teddy Bear is bored or tired
A picnic's the thing to do
There are lollies and a fairground ride
(There's even room for you!)

We're looking for a girl and boy
'Personalities' for Fair day
So write a poem for us to enjoy
And travel in style along the way!

The Pavement Art is always great
There's so much talent in Hurst
And the fancy dress, please don't be late
It could be you who comes first!


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